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Celebrating Power in Femininity

June 11, 2014

Being a lady shouldn't stop you from taking the lead.

Especially when it comes to something as fun and festive as Carbtrim- The Bull Runner All Woman Race- the next big run happening in Filinvest City on July 20, Sunday.

In contrast to the male-dominated runs that happen almost every weekend, this race is exclusively for female runners. It is an opportunity for women of all ages to prove the power in their legs and test the strength of their resolve to conquer those kilometers- be it 5K, 10K or 21K.

Just as this Garden City redefines the after-office work out as refreshing running experience under a canopy of stars and trees, CarbTrim- The Bull Runner All Woman Race also makes you rethink the notion that running is for the purely macho. Sure, it’s hard work and will take a lot of muscle, but that doesn't mean the runner or the scenery- can’t be pretty. Marking the Spectrum Midway in front of the Filinvest Tent as its starting line, this race promises a relaxed and scenic route for all its runners.

And since Filinvest City is a Convergence Hub for people from all walks of life, this race will also welcome the men who would like to take part in the run. These “honorary women for a day” will get to enjoy the unique experience of running in pink tutus that will come as part of the race kits for males.

Encouragement for 21k female runners will also come in the form of the charm bracelets that will be awarded by male models as they cross the finish line. On top of these, feather boas will also be given to all female runners to celebrate their achievement of finishing the race

And this taxing workout shouldn't stop the ladies from looking and feeling their best. Women who sign up for the race will get free CarbTrim Capsules and CarbTrim Iced Tea in their race kits to help them reach their ideal weight by race day. And after the race, they can enjoy the many side activities to reward them for all their efforts. The post-race activity area will include several booths offering specialized products for women, free BMI testing and even free manicures!

“We chose to hold our inaugural CarbTrim- The Bull Runner All Woman Race in Filinvest City because we wanted to give our female runners a unique, fun-filled, and safe running experience,” says Jaymie Pizarro, The Bull Runner, who organized this one-of-a-kind event. “At Flinvest City, the roads are clean and paved. Compared to other racing venues, its traffic plan keeps runners safe and away from flow of vehicles, and the atmosphere feels more peaceful and serene. And yet it’s just quick and convenient drive from the North. We felt it was the perfect venue for our empowerment and camaraderie through running.”

Unlike the usual CBDs, Filinvest City offers a different take on the city experience. Both strong and soothing at the same time, Filinvest City’s landscape combines tall buildings with towering trees. Its busy streets have more than enough space for vehicles and runners alike. And it empowers the people in its community to explore their own personal possibilities- for all men and all women.