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Running high a second time

January 28, 2013

Condura Skyway Marathon, the country's premiere running event, starts and convenes at Filinvest City.

Filinvest City is on its second year of playing host to one of the country’s most prestigious and cause-worthy runs – The Condura Skyway Marathon.

     The Condura Skyway Marathon is the premiere marathon event in the country that’s also one of the most challenging and most fun. The opportunity to test one’s running ability and endurance against the thigh-pushing  incline of the Skyway as well as the mind-tickling novelty of pounding pavement on a road that is, on any other day, off-limits to runners make the Condura Skyway event one of the most anticipated runs of the year.

     Every year, the Condura Skyway Marathon adopts a worthy cause to espouse and this year, runners get to Run For The Mangroves. Three mangrove seedlings will be planted in each runner’s name, made possible by a partnership with Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF).

     And that is why Filinvest City is proud to be the home and host of this event for the second year running. With its inspiring cause and its challenge to make improbable possible, the Condura Skyway Marathon is yet another testament to the fact that Filinvest City is indeed a place that inspires possibilities.

     Filinvest City is the perfect place for the Condura Skyway Marathon starting line, as it is also the starting line for other lifestyle-changing innovations, such as exceptional business facilities, world-class retail experiences, and unparalleled entertainment venues and amenities.

     And while the experience of running on the Skyway may be a once-a-year opportunity, Filinvest City has been designed to provide the best urban running environment possible for the Filipino jogger.

     A city masterfully planned to provide a well-balanced lifestyle; Filinvest City incorporates the greens into its master plan — open spaces, linear greenbelts along a living creek, and canopies of trees that serve as verdant backdrop and shade pathways, a perfect setting for one’s running escapade.

     And to further support the green good life Filinvest City enables is the trove of stores and establishments within the city that offer a wide array of options for a more fit and active lifestyle. From healthy and delicious food choices, to running gear and apparel, Filinvest City makes sure that whatever is needed for a great running experience is there for the taking.

     So let Filinvest City be your starting line to a world of possibilities as you take to the skies with the Condura Skyway run.·