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Corner Plaza Opens at Westgate Center

June 4, 2014

Westgate Center greets its customers with a warm welcome with the completion of the Corner Plaza at Commerce Avenue.

The new development features a park-like ambiance highlighted by a towering green wall which complements Filinvest City’s palm tree-lined main thoroughfare.

The Corner Plaza features trellis and lighted fountain that gives a refreshing feel to encourage customers to promenade in the area. Designed as a convergence place for diners and shoppers, this new landscape development can easily be a place where families can relax and play with its soothing contrast to the urban locale.

Enjoying the park and dine convenience at Westgate Center, are a bevy of strong restaurant brands such as Melo’s, Café Breton, UCC, Conti’s , Zong, Alba’s, TUS Claypot, Seoul Koreana, Brother’s Burger , Kanin  Club, Congo Grille, Hacienda Inasal, and Whistle Stop. For those who want an evening of drinks and good company , Bugsy’s, Sapphire Lounge, Caviar, Wine Depot, offer a good selection of wine and cocktail concoctions complimenting their sumptuous dishes.

All these new developments are in anticipation of exciting new stores and restaurants that will soon open at Westgate Center. A mix of well loved cuisines and healthy options will soon open their doors to foodies down South – Sushi Ninja, Tontoro, Viking and Detoxify Bar. To keep up with the healthy and sporty lifestyle of Southern dwellers, Westgate Center will soon have Swim Philippines,  360 Fitness Club, Speed Edge and Moto Market.  Also opening at the Westgate Hub are Quan U , a high end Italian furniture shop and service shops like Affinity Dental Clinic and Intelligent Mental Arithmetic.

 The lifestyle hub is about to get more exciting with activities geared for the whole family. The musical sessions at the Cul de Sac, featuring various musical genre – from rock and roll, jazz, to romantic melodies --- provide a soothing interlude to the daily rigours. This month Gino Padilla and Band of Brothers play Retro Sessions on June  14 and 27 respectively.