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Endurance Weekend 2015: Race Rules

September 22, 2015

Here are the race rules for Endurance Weekend 2015!

Race Course. The course is a loop course of up to 5.7KM consisting of single-track and asphalt roads. It will be marked by the use of a mixture of arrows, buntings, and traffic cones. 

There will be sections throughout the course where there are no markings.  

There will be no decision points either – just keep riding.   At the end of each lap the course passes through Transition Zone.

Control Point. There will be at least one control point out on the course. It will be manned for the full 24 hours and race numbers will be checked.

To assist, please call out your race number to the control point team. Additional spot checkpoints may be positioned at random locations.

The control point will have radio contact with the Race HQ.

Race Numbers. Each rider is given an individual race number. This must be attached to the seatpost of the bike.

In order for your lap to be timed and counted you must ensure that your race number is visible.

Do not deface, or trim the race number.

The Transition Zone (TZ) is the only area where you can exit the race course. This is also where teams swap riders and hand over the band. Spectators are not permitted in the TZ.

As you come through the TZ, here are a few simple rules to make life easier for everyone 

–      WALK, WALK,WALK (there is no riding in the TZ)

–      Call out your number to the timing crew to assist in recording your lap

–      Help your team mate with the transition

–      After you have completed the transition, VERY promptly clear the area and move outside the TZ to catch your breath, have a chat or warm down

Finishers. All teams or individuals must complete the minimum number of laps to be counted as a finisher.  

Minimum Number of Laps:

–      24 Hour: 24 Laps

–      12 Hour: 12 Laps

–      6 Hour: 6 laps