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FC upholds its commitment to health and wellness

March 7, 2014

Carless Sundays at Filinvest City is a fun laid back affair, it brings back the days when friendly neighbors can freely roam the streets and appreciate their surroundings. Moreover, the event includes fitness activities for health-conscious residents.

For a change the streets will be spared from the usual vehicular traffic.  Residents can go brisk walking, jogging or ride their bikes down the avenues lined with lush greens. The City Loop will be closed, and everyone can take advantage of the open space for the favorite sports and fitness routine.

The main areas will be abuzz with various activities. Moms who wish to dance their way to health can join the Zumba classes.  The hard core fitness enthusiasts are also welcome to test their strength by joining the boot camp classes conducted by Chino Roque. This special session is in partnership with Crossfit Manila.

Joggers and bikers will love the adventure of  the nine kilometer trail. Those who are running for fun will certainly enjoy the thrill, while those who are preparing for the marathon or biking tournament can treat the challenge as the perfect training for the big day.

Filinvest City is noted of its world class city features  which includes towering structures and busy commercial areas. But amid the state-of-the-art infrastructure is the conscious effort to provide a balance. After a hectic Monday to Friday work week, residents deserve a break from the usual traffic problem. At least for one full day, the can set aside the week’s stress and just focus on having fun.

Filinvest City’s Carless Sundays aims to encourage everyone to unwind and stay fit, sans the usual traffic.It’s an opportunity for everyone to savor the fresh air, flex their muscles and get to know growing Filinvest community.