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Nature Has a New Abode

April 11, 2013

Filinvest City plays home to more than just man

The beauty of nature is commonly one of the first sacrifices made in the name of progress. The splendor of a verdant landscape is, more often than not, replaced by the cold, stoic façade of concrete walls and asphalt roads. In fact, it may often seem like bustling business city could never coexist with a city that pays homage to Mother Nature.

Except, of course, for Filinvest City. Filinvest City has established itself as the world class Central Business District of the South, as well as host to some of the biggest multinational corporations. The technical, logistical and commercial advantages it offers to businesses is nothing short of amazing as it combines cutting edge technology with unparalleled foresight and planning.

But more than that, Filinvest City has also been master-planned to include the cultivation of nature among its prime directives. That is why Filinvest City can be enjoyed, not just by its human residents, but also by those whose natural habitat is nature’s bosom.

Take, for instance, a wide variety of birds, like the Philippine Woodpecker, the Grass Owl, the Brown Shrike, the White-collared Kingfisher, and the Little Egret who are among the 25 documented bird species who have been coming and going here, right under Filinvest City’s multi-colored canopy. During the colder -ber months, you might also chance upon seeing the soaring falcons who visit the area. Their majestic presence, quicksilver flight and lilting tunes all serve to enrich Filinvest City’s tableau of nature.

Or how about the thriving existence of a living creek right beside the gigantic Festival Supermall? While any other city would have a hard time maintaining the serenity and beauty of a living creek, Filinvest City has seen its living creek teem with wildlife. Add to that the constant presence of delicate fireflies, and what you get are clear indications that Filinvest City is living up to its promise of a clean and healthy ecosystem.

As for Filinvest City’s human population, a cooler, shadier walk is an everyday treat, as at least 3000 date palm trees as well as the hundreds of Acacia trees and Yellow Ponciana trees line the city’s main thoroughfares. Other recreational outdoor activities, such as jogging or biking are all enhanced with the help of nature’s ambiance, as revelers can enjoy a fresh breeze against nature’s backdrop.

All in Filinvest City, where the convergence of man and nature, leisure and business, is as smooth and enjoyable as a bright summer day.


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