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Time to get fit and healthy

September 12, 2014

Want to do an efficient, holistic and dynamic workout?

No need to go far just to have that fit and healthy body you've always want to have!

Four years ago, 360 Fitness Club revolutionized the local fitness industry by introducing and promoting a no-machine, total circuit body workout in thirty minutes. Efficiency was the key message: you can reap the benefits of a full body, complete workout in just half an hour and without the use of machines. It changed the ballgame because it challenged the traditional understanding of going to the gym. Prior to this, people believed that one needed to spend several hours, working with weights and various machines, to achieve the level of fitness they desired.

Over twenty-five thousand individuals have tried 360 Fitness Club’s unique style of training since it introduced functional fitness regimens to the country. Now, other functional gyms have risen while established brands and gyms have adopted this training method.

360 Fitness Club has paved the way and is constantly innovating on its fitness philosophy. Being fit and healthy is not the end goal; it is the means by which people attain what they aspire to. It prepares us for something more important-- our life outside of the gym.

So what are you waiting for, head on to Westgate Center and join their free trial training!

For more information, visit their website.