Build and grow in a dynamic business metropolis boasting of round-the-clock convenience, safety, and growth friendly environment. 

Filinvest City enables optimum efficiency through a comprehensive infrastructure system designed to support the city complete build-out, which includes:

  • Fiber optic telecommunication system
  • Underground power and communication lines for most areas
  • Centralized water system
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Privately-operated Estate Management:
    • Traffic management with provision for centralized traffic lights control
    • Facilities management
    • Security and safety: separate security force and fire-fighter brigade; provision for CCTV cameras
    • Landscape and grounds maintenance
    • Tenant support and tenant relations management
    • Sanitation management
  • PEZA Zone at Northgate Cyberzone: ideal for BPOs, with support from multiple telco providers

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