Festival Mall - A Filinvest Lifemall

Festival Mall - A Filinvest Lifemall
March 08, 2016

Exciting times are ahead for Festival Mall.

In the days to come, mall-goers will begin to experience a new energy and spirit at this premier mall in Alabang. More than just its renovation, opening of new shops such as global fashion retailer H & M, and the introduction of a new logo,  the mall is also working on the  re-branding of Festival under the mega brand umbrellla of Filinvest Lifemalls.

A Lifemall is not just another fancy name for a chain of shopping center establishments from Filinvest. A Lifemall is more than just a retail center. It is designed to be the center of life and activity wherever it is located. A Lifemall brings life to the city and it enhances the recreational lifestyles of the people who live and work nearby. A Lifemall will be seen as a place where people’s needs and passions find an ideal balance.

That’s why at Festival Mall, you will find a new River Park where people can enjoy dining with a relaxed ambience amongst selective cuisines, it is also the newest place of the mall where shoppers congregate, exercise, relax, enjoy bonding moments, and more. The experience inside the mall will be just as rewarding as Festival continues to  bring innovations that will set it apart. 

Festival Mall is a Filinvest Lifemall. It is the center of attraction within Filinvest City. It is the heart of the city. The Filinvest mall group is also ensuring that its upcoming mall developments in other locations such as Il Corso in City de Mare, SRP Cebu, FORA in Tagaytay among others will constantly resonate the same value of a Filinvest Lifemall. And as its new branding and tagline goes, “It’s where the City’s heart beats”.

Filinvest City enjoins everyone to visit Festival Mall as it unfolds more exciting shops and attractions.