Parkway: City Living Minus Pollution

Parkway: City Living Minus Pollution
March 08, 2016

Highly prized for the breathing space and visual relief they offer to urban residents, parks and green open spaces allow surrounding communities to command higher values.

Rising next to Festival Mall’s River Park highlighted by outdoor activities, the Parkway Place neighborhood in this southern metropolis is expected to merit higher property prices with the recent completion of the park.                

Among the biggest beneficiaries of the River Park and its selection of restaurants and stores will be residents of the 40-storey residential condominium Bristol at Parkway Place. When it is finished in 2018, Bristol’s imposing silhouette will permit residents not just views of the River Park from their units and its Sky Lounge but also glimpses of Laguna de Bay.                

According to Catherine A. Ilagan, executive vice president of Filinvest, the Bristol, which has been designed by architects with international exposure, follows through with the standards set for the Parkway Place community. “As we speak, it will be the tallest structure in the city, a distinction reserved for this project since it is at the gateway to our 244-hectare business district.”                

With the fourteenth of 40 stories now completed, the Bristol which is near the Filinvest exit of the South Luzon Expressway is already catching visitors’ attention. Moreover, its distinct qualities are being warmly received by buyers as indicated by its steady price appreciation.  

Ilagan discloses that the Parkway Place community has been envisioned as premium condominium complex that will define the Filinvest City skyline.

But this early, Parkway Place has already been identified by global travellers and the expat community as a preferred residential location. Tet Lim, a resident of the first Parkway Place tower, Aspen, relates that she and her children who were born and raised in Italy, are right at home in the neighborhood where they moved from Europe in 2012. “It’s green and unpolluted here,” she says.  On weekends, her family picnics in the nearby greens and the children bike freely. They also enjoy walking to Festival Mall and have sampled some of the restaurants at the River Park.                

Ariel Arce, who was a Parkway Place resident until work necessitated his move to Quezon City, says he still drives to the area at least once a week. Most of his friends and network are in the South, he says. Best of all, he enjoys the fresh air and blue skies of the Filinvest City and its easy access to a number of golf courses in Alabang, Laguna, Tagaytay and Cavite. “This is a place for sports lovers,” he observes.                

Ilagan foresees that residential units at the Parkway Place will also be the preferred option of expats who work in Filinvest City or in the industrial areas of Calabarzon. Now pre-selling, Bristol has also been warmly received by the market by both foreign and local buyers.                  

Parkway Place is bound to be a dynamic community within the growing Filinvest City, observes Lim. It is far from the pollution that expats and executives would encounter in the other business districts, a distinction that Parkway Place and Filinvest City intend to maintain over the long run.