The All-New Westgate Center

The All-New Westgate Center
August 22, 2016

Filinvest City in Alabang, as the premier lifestyle hub and business district of the South, is not just about some neo-cosmopolitan chic.

Its uniqueness lies in that while its residents possess strong suburban sensibilities, their outlook is definitely progressive. Westgate Center in Filinvest City, best captures that distinct, laidback, easy-going suburban feel—it is where the city reveals its more playful side. 

Joy Polloso, Senior Vice President for Filinvest’s Commercial Centers and Retail Management Division, said that Westgate is a community where business owners and visitors have a passion for life. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city and a busy schedule, people consciously make time to step back and enjoy great food and good company, and whatever takes their fancy. 

“It’s a laidback haven where everyone can enjoy life’s simple pleasures. It is a hub for neighbours and friends, with pocket retail arranged in clusters, walkable, open spaces, owners-neighbors-friends:  just like a village, an intimate community,” Polloso said.

Polloso also noted that a new breed of merchants from South of the metro with pioneering, redefining spirit were invited to Westgate.  “The Westgate villagers, as we call them, have roots from the nearby gated residences. These are restaurant operators, yoga instructors, bike shop owners, event organizers, gym and fitness enthusiasts who have taken their business to Westgate,” Polloso said.  

“They have turned their passion into enterprise, and their business is somewhat of an art. It’s a vibe even established locators and other merchants are willing to ride with. No wonder, Westgate is where the anti-mall culture can actually thrive,” added Polloso.

With its major renovation almost complete, Westgate’s refreshed look gives it new energy and spirit. A corner plaza with a green wall, a landscaped activity park, refreshing greens and themed way finding signs give Westgate a sense of place that brings out its character and vibe.