Security, convenience at the forefront in Filinvest City

Security, convenience at the forefront in Filinvest City
March 22, 2018

With its future-ready masterplan that utilizes only the best practices in urban planning; excellent infrastructure and facilities; a green orientation with lush, landscaped parks, bike lanes, and other eco-centric enhancements; and the ease of accessibility it offers, there’s no question that the qualities that make Filinvest City the premier garden city in the South are indeed notable. Yet, as if these attributes aren’t already impressive enough, Filinvest City further strengthens safety and security, as well as transportation convenience, that they provide to locators, residents, and guests.

First, there’s the presence of ‘round the clock security with guards stationed in key areas, who are always ready to lend a hand and be of service should crimes or accidents happen.

Filinvest City also boasts of its own Emergency Response Group and Crisis Management Team, together with its own Central Emergency Command Post. Operating 24/7 and manned with a professionally-trained staff, the extraordinary team behind the Emergency Response Group comes equipped with state-of-the-art rescue tools, all ready to be deployed in the event of an emergency. The Central Emergency Command Post, meanwhile, has in place its very own Fire Station that is recognized by the Bureau of Fire Protection. Armed with a Fire Engine truck and a first responder pick-up truck with a 10-kilometer radio coverage, such facilities can be used to promptly respond to fires within a 3-kilometer radius.

To further enhance its remarkable rescue and response arsenal, Filinvest City has forged a partnership with Lifeline Rescue, Phils., a trusted private organization that provides emergency quick response, standby and medical airlifts, interfacility transfers, among other valuable services.

Hospitals and wellness centers such as Ospital ng Muntinlupa, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, and Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) are also located within Filinvest City, giving residents, employees, and guests easier access to healthcare.

To promote better mobility and convenience in getting around, Filinvest City takes pride in its upgraded traffic management system and its impressive 360 Eco-Loop, the country’s first fully-integrated electric-powered public transport system in a private development. With 28 designated stops, it is the main mode of public transportation within Filinvest City, utilizing 17-seater and 20-seater e-vehicles that have exceptionally quiet engines and are energy-efficient with zero carbon emissions.

Clearly, Filinvest City responds proactively to the needs of the people with all these unrivaled services and features, resulting in peace of mind, ease of living, and a business district that’s truly world class.