Why Filinvest City is Ideal for Your Next Business Location

Why Filinvest City is Ideal for Your Next Business Location
January 22, 2019

Location is one of the crucial factors that could make or break a business. Set up in the wrong spot, and chances are your revenue share will dip.
Filinvest City, which sits on 244 hectares of land in Alabang, might just be the place your business needs. Here's why:

It allows businesses to survive and thrive

Last year, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognized Muntinlupa City as the most business-friendly local government unit in the country, a recognition it also earned in 2017. That boosts Filinvest City's already-competitive land values to the level where it's a future-ready investment for any business. 

Sustainable living is encouraged

In most central business districts (CBDs), congestion makes living situations more complicated-traffic, pollution, and high property costs are just some of the issues you may have to face. Filinvest City is masterplanned with more sustainable living spaces in mind, allowing businesses to thrive without compromising the quality of life. The city enjoys a relaxed, green environment that brings nature back to its advanced urban infrastructure, giving the multinational companies that already operate within its boundaries room to breathe.

With its masterplan, Filinvest City has also become the first development in the Philippines to be registered under the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Version 4, under the Neighborhood Development Plan category.

Artist perspective of Central Park 

It has a good mix of residential, business, and recreation areas

Filinvest City has recently augmented its masterplan to strengthen its "Work-Live-Play" philosophy by building a space where both local and international businesses and lifestyles can thrive. It aims to draw interest from the country's elite as a place for both expanding their businesses and building their homes. Housing options are aplenty, including several condominiums catering to different budgets, as well as an exclusive gated community. It also boasts a vast network of parks that allow residents to breathe easy after a busy day at work. And with more and more recreational centers popping up in the area, there's no shortage for fun, either.

It has become more accessible in recent years

Recent road developments have made Filinvest City much more accessible than before. Its transportation hub, the South Station, along with major thoroughfares such as the South Luzon Expressway, Skyway, Alabang-Zapote Road and the upcoming NLEX-SLEX connection, is making travel to and from the area more efficient. This makes it easier for employees, suppliers, and potential customers to head south, which could mean less overhead cost for business owners in the area.

With rising property values, LEED-certified buildings, and a master plan that embodies the "Work-Live-Play" lifestyle, Filinvest City has potential, both for your personal life and your career. 


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