Redefining work-life balance down Metro South

Redefining work-life balance down Metro South
May 28, 2019

For city dwellers wanting a less stressful urban life, Filinvest City beckons, a people-centric, green central business district (CBD) in Metro South.

Aiming to redefine the work-life balance down Metro South, Filinvest City has masterplanned a mixed-use development where buildings, road networks and open spaces are deliberately designed for pedestrians. The city has its own lifestyle hubs, multi-national and local companies, top-notch schools and universities and parks for recreation and relaxation for a true live-work-play environment.

Easily accessible to people

Green and eco-friendly, Filinvest City encourages people to rely less on private cars and use other forms of transportation. Streets and parks, including an integrated network of pedestrian-friendly landscaped pathways, are designed to encourage walking from one part of the city to another. As part of this effort, construction along the Festival Mall’s boardwalk has been completed recently, connecting the Riverpark, Water Garden, and South Station via walkways. With this, Filinvest City-zens can now take a quick break for when work is getting too much.

Filinvest City also promotes biking by providing safe bike lanes. A nature trail has become popular with bikers, from beginners to experts. When the weather will not allow walking or biking, Filinvest City-zens can ride the ever-convenient 360 Eco-Loop. The eco-friendly ride is an integrated, electric-powered transportation that can accommodate up to 25 persons and with 31 stops all over the city.

Major thoroughfares make Filinvest City easily accessible to people from neighboring areas like Las Piñas, Parañaque, Laguna, Cavite, Taguig and Makati. For further convenience, a transport hub called South Station is right at the entrance to the city point and has a comfortable terminal for provincial and city buses and vans.

A true work-live-play environment

Maintaining a work-life balance is not only essential to one’s health and relationships, it also improves efficiency and performance at work. Employees who are looking for a quick respite can easily do so at Filinvest City with its more laidback vibe.

They can take a breather by strolling through the city’s beautiful spaces adorned with lush greeneries, such as the Spectrum Linear Park and the soon-to-be constructed Creekside Park and Central Park. They can start a fitness routine by jogging, biking or doing other activities at Filinvest City’s functional open spaces.

Employees can also relax with friends after work as the city offers a wide array of restaurants where employees and residents can bond over good food and drinks. Even visitors who wish to de-stress in the Metro South do not have to worry about getting lost in the city as they can easily find their way to their destination with Filinvest City’s wayfinding features that are strategically placed along its tree-canopied walkways.

Filinvest City’s green-oriented masterplan is a reflection of its commitment to sustainable living. It is the first registered project in the Philippines under the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in the Neighborhood Development Category.

All of life’s necessities within reach

Families and friends searching for fun and exciting bonding activities can always find something to do down Metro South. As a lifestyle destination, Filinvest City offers a slew of events for a wide-ranging market from senior citizens and people with disabilities (PWDs) to millennials and kids.

Senior citizens and PWDs can safely go around the city that has wide sidewalks with wheelchair access. Friendly security people are also always ready to help.

Regular events are also held to bring the community closer together. These include marathons, fun runs, music fests and Filinvest City’s very own community fair, the Festival of Possibilities. On Sundays from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., Filinvest City closes off to cars one side of its Parkway, Commerce, Corporate and Filinvest Avenues to form a loop called the Shared Zone. Runners, bikers, fitness enthusiasts and families have used the car-less loop for over five years now.

Filinvest City is masterplanned to have all of life’s necessities well within reach. Its several lifestyle hubs cater to its City-zens’ various needs, including the Festival Mall for shopping, Westgate Center for dining and the Crimson Hotel and the exclusive Palms Country Club for leisure.

Without a doubt, Filinvest City is a self-contained CBD for the people, serving as a breath of fresh air amid the metro’s urban jungle. From the green, open spaces where they can relax and unwind to the wide and smooth pathways where they can safely walk to numerous activities that establish human connections, Filinvest City is designed to make urban life healthier, more enjoyable and stress-free.