Perfect harmony of progress and nature at Filinvest City

Perfect harmony of progress and nature at Filinvest City
July 26, 2019

With most of the old green spots in Metro Manila being paved over and turned into a concrete jungle, people in the metropolis are looking for places where they can enjoy a lush environment and breathe fresh air without having to travel far for work, business or other activities. 

Filinvest City in Alabang knows this only too well. It creates an inspiring and invigorating environment that promotes ease of movement and active lifestyle all year round, with wide, open spaces and long stretches of greenery that allow members of its community to breathe clean, fresh air and to fully experience the great outdoors. 

“We aim to show everyone that progress and respect for nature is possible. Greens definitely benefit people and we want to ensure the quality of life is prime in Filinvest City. This is why we registered for LEED.” says Don Ubaldo, Filinvest Alabang Inc. Vice President for Townships. 

Although it is primed for business, Filinvest City has responded to the need for breathing room by drawing up a masterplan that seamlessly weaves structures with nature to achieve a perfect balance between open spaces and buildings. 

Among the features that make Filinvest City truly green are its major parks, which also feature stimulating and relaxing installations. 

The Spectrum Linear Park is a kilometer-long greenbelt that connects the northern and southern zones of the Central Business District (CBD). Its tree-lined walkways are perfect for recreational outdoor activities, or simply to hangout, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. 

The Central Park is envisioned to be one of the public event spaces within Filinvest City. It is an ideal venue for concerts and outdoor activities because it serves as both venue and open space for the community.  

Set to be a major iconic space within Filinvest City, the Creekside Park offers a more natural setting and has a distinctive mix of development and public art. 

Other parks at the CBD are the Festival Mall River Park where people can walk along the creek waterline and experience the harmony of nature within an urban setting, the Festival Mall Water Garden where al fresco dining can be enjoyed, as well as the Filinvest Axis Park where people can gather, interact, and enjoy activities within its signature vibrant combination of nature and business. 

Filinvest City’s masterplan makes it a place where people can not only work but also play whenever they feel like it. Runners and walkers can indulge their passion in comfort, as lush tree canopies protect sidewalks from the harsh sun. Integrated bike lanes in the CBD’s major thoroughfare allow bikers to pedal around safely and in comfort. 

Community members and visitors can play, relax and exercise in whichever park they like. Or they can simply enjoy the amazing variety of wild birds that live and roam among the trees of the city. 

By integrating green, recreational spaces into its masterplan and creating a network of green oases in and around the CBD, Filinvest City preserves the laid-back and relaxed yet still fast-paced environment without missing the hustle and bustle of city living that makes this part of Metro Manila distinctive and attractive.