5 reasons to invest in this garden city in the Metro South

5 reasons to invest in this garden city in the Metro South
December 17, 2020

When people look for real estate properties to invest in, the three usual key factors that they usually look into are: location, location, location. With the current situation of the country, the demands and priorities of consumers have changed. Now, the keywords in property investment are: location, sustainability, and resilience. 

Even before the current crisis, Filinvest City has been offering all those and more –helping its community quickly adapt to the new normal. Its green-oriented, sustainable master plan is relevant now. 

Filinvest City is a thriving 244-hectare Central Business District in Alabang, Muntinlupa that remains resilient and flexible for growth—both in terms of business for investors and quality of life for end-users—even amid the current health crisis. It strived to integrate future proof practices for urban planning through its future-ready master plan that has been in place for years. Its abundance of space made it possible for people to work, live, shop, eat, and play, all while observing the proper health protocols.

These five points further explain why you should consider investing in this garden city:

1. It is a sustainable and green city

Filinvest City was awarded a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. It is an accolade that recognizes developments that are sustainable for the planet, people, and profit in the long run. This makes Filinvest City the first Central Business District (CBD) in the Philippines and the largest green-certified development in Southeast Asia with a Gold Certification.

"The LEED v4 ND certification is the Gold Standard for green neighborhood design and is used to measure the sustainability of communities around the world. The USGBC recognized Filinvest City for its commitment and dedication to building ecologically responsible infrastructure, sustainable community, urban innovation, and features of unwavering commitment to give back to the community," said Barone International Sustainability Consultant and Director Dean Barone. 

The certification cemented Filinvest City's position as a frontier for economic growth against the backdrop of its green vision. The city proves that it embodies sustainability principles such as smart growth and new urbanism which means lowered operating costs, raised asset and property values, conservation of energy and water, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Guided by these green principles, companies and businesses that choose to put up buildings in Filinvest City will have a higher chance of getting LEED-certified because the neighborhood itself is a LEED Gold CBD.

This community is also home to 13 green buildings as of today such as The Filinvest Axis Towers, Vector Three Building, Parkway Corporate Center, One Griffinstone Tower, and more. Several buildings within Filinvest City are also connected to the community's own District Cooling System (DCS) to help reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

2. The city is comprised of small complete districts that have complete amenities and conveniences within easy reach 

Filinvest City is comprised of several small districts that house complete amenities one will need in their day-to-day endeavors. The city is masterplanned to provide a seamless connectivity to diverse uses by establishing the promised live-work-play environment for residents, workers, and visitors. The vision is to make one's daily life convenient, complete, and accessible even amidst the current health situation.

Filinvest City was commended for its discernible city center, Festival Mall, which is surrounded by mixed-use residential and office buildings that would only take a five-minute walk to and from the center. The city also has a variety of dwelling types that are affordable and diverse depending on the investors' needs, including premium and high-end properties, and adding to this is a variety of commercial activities with a mix of retail, restaurants, and entertainment.

All shopping malls, hospitals, leisure destinations, learning and education zones, and business districts are within proximity, so people would no longer have to leave the city to access their essential needs. The districts also provide daily updates on open establishments within Filinvest City through its Viber Community, together with other announcements and news from the government and its estate management.

Further, this community incorporates a mix of establishments, retail, medical, fire station, transport hubs, and other civic spaces, as well as green spaces and parks near all dwellings. Its multiple intersections and wide walkways allow for convenient pedestrian travel and its shaded streets are beneficial to everyone including cyclists. It also allows underground and off-street parking that is placed behind buildings and away from street frontages.

There are pedestrian-friendly retail and restaurants located in buildings along the streets and a centrally located transportation hub called South Station that has accessible and environment friendly electric-vehicle shuttle services. Prominent civic and public buildings are also seen in the community while the historical buildings included in development are carefully preserved.

3. It has green open spaces for public use and convergence

The city allocates more than 30% of its land to green and open spaces filled with native vegetation to provide areas of respite. This huge percent of parks and open spaces make it a metropolis laid out in a big garden setting.

With an emphasis on sustainable density and a balance between developable areas with open spaces, it creates more land value. Not to mention, all the green spaces are good for the holistic well-being of its residents, workers, and visitors. Free access to public parks and gardens is one of the country's major needs, and Filinvest City provided these spaces with a conducive and refreshing outdoor experience. 

4. It is a future-ready city that ensures the health, safety, and security of its people

Filinvest City is a future-ready city that was built to cope with health crises and other climate change-related disasters. Its growing and continuous resilience strengthens the safety, health, and security, as well as transportation convenience provided to locators, residents, and guests to ensure that they can thrive amid all situations that face them. 

Its 24/7 security and estate management establishes sustained business operations and allows quality living even in the current health environment. This sense of safety and order stems from the agile response of Filinvest City's privately-owned estate management system and emergency response team.

In terms of accessibility and mobility, Filinvest City launched one of the country's first integrated electric-powered public transport systems which features the vehicle called 360 Eco-Loop. Now with new units that can accommodate up to 25 persons and with 36 stops scattered all over the city, "Filinvest Cityzens" can safely travel from one district to another to continue with their work and life. 

Aside from that, Filinvest City provided foot markers and digital and physical signages at every transit stop and major places of convergence to ensure that proper physical distancing is implemented. They also conduct daily disinfection in the common areas of the community every morning and installed round the clock security with guards stationed in key areas to lend a hand and be of service should crimes or accidents happen.

During the early days of the health crisis up to now, the city leverages on technology for the proper dissemination of public service information and to connect with its "cityzens" to keep the community spirit alive.

5. It is flexible for growth

Being a sustainable CBD also means being flexible for growth both in business and in the community. Filinvest City's land values have been in an upward trajectory over the years and are pursuing bite-sized development to phase in the construction of structures and hardscapes, so it can maximize the return of investments.

As the Best Mixed-use Development awardee at the 2020-2021 Asia Pacific Property Awards, Filinvest City further showcased its edge among the fast-paced development of other CBDs in Metro Manila, which have resulted in quick saturation and congestion. Its mixed-use landmark feature and sustainable grade A office spaces, complemented with impressive retail concepts, are the reasons why some global and multinational companies are taking root in this township. 

This is a city built to enhance nature while remaining people-centric. More parks are being integrated within the city, accessibility is expanded with the new skyway extension project, location has become more strategic with all features combined. And that results in these economic benefits: increased resilience of businesses and communities, reduced operating costs, impressive land value growth (300% over the last 6 years), and continued confidence of investors. While Filinvest City is not fully saturated like BGC, Makati, and Ortigas, the prices are getting up, helping businesses grow in this sustainable city. 

All these vital points prove why Filinvest City is the garden space in the Metro South that allows people to live a full life even amid the current health crisis. Its world-class and award-winning infrastructure, services, and facilities all show that families and individuals can already live, work, and play safely in a single sustainable community in the new normal and even beyond.

To know more about Filinvest City, check out their website and follow their official Facebook page.

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