Filinvest City ‘lights up’ our lives

Filinvest City ‘lights up’ our lives
December 15, 2020

Without a doubt, it has been a stressful, difficult year for many of us, as the Covid-19 pandemic raged throughout the world and in our country. Nine months of continuous community quarantine is no laughing matter, and it’s a bit hard to put on a cheerful face by just saying its December and the holiday season. But if there’s something the Filipino has always been known for, it’s our deep reservoir of hope and faith in the belief that things will get better.

Filinvest City Alabang taps into that reservoir this Christmas season in a number of different ways, and it’s good to note how these different ways recognize that what’s truly essential in the celebration of Christmas isn’t the glitter, the lights, the noise, and the big gatherings. Those do help trigger the carousing, but at the heart of any true celebration is the sense of community: the people, and the sharing that can ensue – even if it has to be done online in a virtual event, and not in a physical crowd being brought together.

It’s the sense that we’re together in some form or fashion, despite all the worries and precautions about health and safety, that will make any Christmas still special this December. And that’s why Filinvest City put their efforts in their Be the Light Virtual Community campaign which highlights the people connecting and bonding with the community even when we’re physically apart.

Known as the Christmas destination in the Metro South since 2014, the people at Filinvest City knew they had to do things a little differently this year. The Christmas street decorations, the lights and sounds are still there, but there won’t be any massive gathering or physical launch party.

Instead, Filinvest City held a virtual event on Dec. 10, and the first thing it did was highlight, and pay tribute to the medical and essential services frontliners who have become the modern heroes. Ever since the ECQ last March, these frontliners have tirelessly sacrificed their bodies and souls to make sure the economy and society could still function.

To honor these heroes, the community was invited to participate and submit videos sharing the stories of these frontliners. The search produced three winners who took home cash prizes and had their videos uploaded to Filinvest City’s official Facebook page and website. The winners are Angela Pangilinan, Justin Sarmiento, and Precious Joy Matorre. Congratulations to the three!

“Year 2020 has made us focus on what’s important: the people who matter to us, and who make a difference in our community.  That’s why this year, we dedicate our Christmas celebration to the people in the frontlines. They are the people who made this celebration possible,” said Don Ubaldo, VP for townships, during the live event.

As a musical treat, a virtual concert happened after the awarding hosted by Sam YG, featuring popular musical acts Silent Sanctuary, Gracenote, and Sandwich performing online for the Filinvest virtual community. That was a super treat as we know how live acts and performing is still something we can only dream about before music venues officially open. This was Filinvest City recognizing just how much the Filipino loves his or her music and streaming it right into their homes. 

To honor the people in the frontlines, Filinvest City also launched its tribute video for the frontliners working for the Filinvest City community, using Francis Magalona’s song “Kaleidoscope World” to showcase their dedication, courage, and inspiring service for the people. 

You can’t just dim the lights or allow yourself to be defeated by the pandemic. Sure, Christmas will be a little different this year; but Filinvest City ensures that different does not mean it isn’t special. When you’re together online, celebrating with your loved ones, paying tribute to the frontliners who are essential in keeping the community functioning, and enjoying great music – it’s a spark of hope that there’s still much to be joyful about, and be thankful for. Thank you, Filinvest City, for helping us recapture that feeling.